Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Test Review

Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Test boasts 99% accuracy and claims that you find out as early at 4 days before your expected period. Now I do not know the exact percentage of women it was accurate on for each day leading up to the period, but looking over reviews you are more likely to get an accurate explanation around 1 to 2 days before your period.

Again, like every pregnancy test, you might see bad reviews on this product for a number of reasons that are not really explained in the actual review of the pregnancy test. The package of the Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test claims that it is quick and easy to use however some might have trouble holding the absorbent tip in their urine stream for 5 seconds or more. This could cause false negatives or even positives.

I have heard of the accuracy of Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Test being even better than other early pregnancy tests such as First Response; however there are also other mentions of false positives and negatives. There also is a slight problem with the length of time the results actually show in the results window (some say it fades a little too quickly). There also have been reports of very faded results that could lead the women taking the pregnancy test whether or not they are pregnant.

Do not be discouraged by these reviews however, like many pregnancy tests, Clear Blue Easy Pregnancy Test is more accurate closer to the day of your missed period. It is always helpful to take a couple tests leading up to your expected period to make sure your results are accurate.

Pros: Easy to use, fast

Cons: Expensive, can be hard to read, results can fade

Sensitivity: 50 mIU/hCG

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