Digital Pregnancy Tests Explained

Digital pregnancy tests are very popular among women these days for a number of reasons. Most digital pregnancy tests are what they call midstream tests. Midstream digital pregnancy tests have a wick attached to the end of them and this wick is the part of the test that soaks in your urine. There are certain time limits when exposing the wick to your urine stream, so please read the directions of your test carefully before using the digital pregnancy test.

Unlike midstream pregnancy tests that are not digital, digital pregnancy tests give you a result window that is a little easier to read. Digital pregnancy tests usually display “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”, while regular midstream pregnancy tests use lines to indicate whether or not you are pregnant. This can get confusing for some people, especially for some who are anxious about pregnancy and who may see “ghost” lines or faded lines.

Digital pregnancy tests do also show a result window that contains lines, however this is not the result window that is suppose to give you your pregnancy results. Please ignore these lines and pay attention to the words “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” for your true results. The reason for this is because some brands of digital pregnancy tests actually test for other hormones as well as hCG and these hormones could in fact effect the “lines” result window. However, the “Pregnant” and “Not Pregnant” testing window is only used for hCG.

Digital pregnancy tests are and have been the wave of the future. However, some women might feel that the good old fashion “line” tests are just as good or even better, even if they might be a little harder to read. The choice is up to the woman buying, and what she prefers.

If you’re interested in buying a digital pregnancy test, here are the best two on the market: