Equate Pregnancy Test Review

The Equate Pregnancy Test is a great test for testing hCG levels in your urine. It is one of the more sensitive tests on the market today, and is a little cheaper than some others you might see. It is pretty clean with a nice cover for the absorbent tip to make sure nothing effects the results and just for cleanliness in general.

One of the more disappointing cons about the Equate Pregnancy Test is that it is a Walmart brand and can be only found in Walmart stores, which might be a problem for some looking to buy a pregnancy test. It is also a little harder to order online than most of the other tests, probably because it is an exclusive Walmart brand. When looking on the Walmart website, the brand didn’t even show up in any of the searches for the name Equate.

Pros: Easy to use, easy to read, accurate

Cons: Not available online, only sold at Walmart

Sensitivity: 25 mIU/hCG