Fact Plus Pregnancy Test Review

Fact plus pregnancy test is a little pricier than generic brands but seems to be pretty accurate when it comes to detecting pregnancy the day of or before your missed period. I would not recommend this product for people using this pregnancy test to find out if they are pregnant more than 2 days before your expected period because of its notorious false negatives when there are lower quantities of hCG in your urine.

However, if you are looking for a little less expensive pregnancy test that is name brand and it is close to your expected period date, you cannot get more accurate than the Fact plus pregnancy test. I understand the name of the game for pregnancy tests is to find the first test to accurately report a pregnancy at its earliest time, but for all of you who have enough patience to wait, Fact plus pregnancy test is a good choice for you.

Pros: Easy to use, easy to read, accurate

Cons: Measurement of lower quantities of hCG is poor

Sensitivity: 40 mIU/hCG

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