Homemade Pregnancy Test Reality Check

I have heard everything from urinating in a mixture of Draino to every other household cleaning product imaginable to urinating on dandelion leaves, but for everyone who is looking for a homemade pregnancy test, I hate to say this, there are currently nothing available. You might find some information online that can give you some homemade pregnancy concoctions, but in no way have these homemade pregnancy tests been proven to be as highly accurate (if accurate at all) to home pregnancy test kits that you can buy at the store.

That being said, there are still many options that are available to you if you do not have the financial security to buy something that can be expensive like a pregnancy test. Also, you might be worried about confidentiality and making sure that you, and only you, know that you are taking the test. Again, there are many options available to you that can give you the same benefits a homemade pregnancy test (if they existed) would give you.

Most cities and small towns have clinics that administer free pregnancy tests to anybody, whether you are someone who cannot afford a home pregnancy test, to people who can, but would like a professional to administer the test for them and help with reading the results. Popular clinics can include Planned Parenthood, a clinic that has tried to make itself readily available to as many people by having thousands of locations across the United States, to smaller clinics run by your local church or government initiative.

Not only are these clinics free, they offer you a chance to keep your results as confidential as you would want them. In no way will they send you anything through the mail and since it is free there is no links back to credit cards or bank statements. I believe, most clinics will just ask for your name, and not necessarily any other information about you. You cannot get any more confidential than that, unless you buy a home pregnancy test.

See, there are many alternatives to homemade pregnancy test available to you. So before you break out your chemistry set and concoct some strange substance that probably will not work in the first place, check out and see if there are any free clinics in your area (and I promise 99% of the time there will be).