New Choice Pregnancy Test Review

The New Choice Pregnancy Test from the Dollar store might seem like a cheaper quality product but from reviews across the internet, New Choice is definitely a product to try. Although I do not know the sensitivity level of New Choice Pregnancy Test, what is great about the product is that it is so cheap that you can buy 10-15 tests for the same price as one more expensive brand, if you are willing to test every day (or more than once a day) to see if you are pregnant.

I know that some might want the best they can receive no matter what the price to find out, at the earliest time, whether or not they are pregnant, but for those of you who are willing to wait, and do not have the money to afford multiple test I highly recommend New Choice Pregnancy Test.
Pros: Easy to use, cheap

Cons: Dollar Store Brand, so may be seen as inaccurate

Sensitivity: N/A